Romancing the old stone
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Husband and Wife Team Patrice Pinaquy and Karen Frances Adnoff

French-American fine woodworker (ebiniste), conservator and a purist of traditional hand craftsmanship for over forty years,  Patrice Pinaquy, conserves, restores and creates some of the finest pieces of furniture with his famous 18th and 19th-century French hand tools.

Los Angeles native Karen Frances Adnoff, an award-winning landscape architect and California university instructor, artfully blends ecological awareness, sustainability, savoir-faire of the past and classical style "a la Francaise" in her garden designs.

Since they became owners in 2010, Patrice and Karen have been using their decades of expertise in conducting the historic research, designing, and doing much of the demolition and construction work themselves in the conservation, restoration and renovation of The Old French Convent. 

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