Romancing the old stone
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It was a flurry of activity today and I didn't mind one bit!


I haven't seen our full crew here at the convent since March!  They move very quickly and efficiently and of course now there is a mess again everywhere. They are plastering in between the oak beams of the hallway on the second floor (premier etage).  They are also picking the old mortar from in between the stones in the wall.  It is going to be lovely when it is finished. 

They caught me trying to sneak a photo of them lunching outside.

Also today, with our horses in training to become real work horses, they get to stay right outside our front door.  We made a makeshift enclosure for them and moved them today. I love coming outside and seeing them there. Hello Dolly!  Hey there Delilah!


 Even with all the mess just outside the door in the hallway, I still chose to clean and condition the ancient tile floors in one of the bedrooms.  It was hard work, and I am sure those tiles have not once been cleaned for maybe decades! (I am sure that I haven't cleaned them since living here for 8 years)

Can't wait until tomorrow although not before a good night's sleep!

Please feel free to reply below if you have any questions or comments about our restoration project.  Merci and until tomorrow...

  • Marianne Tickenoff on

    Important to me to know exactly what area these are and the rooms

    Love the pics, you can also email me at my new email add.

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